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RESTORE Citizen’s Power

This is a state governed by the people. The California Constitution needs to be restored as the governing law of California. When the people speak, they need to be heard. When the people bring an issue to ballot, they have expressed their voice and it needs to be put into place. Historically, the voice of the people have been ignored. I will make sure your voice is heard.

Strengthening Our Infrastructure

Roads and Highways – Taxes provide the proper funding for state highways to cities and counties to fix their roads, tunnels, and overpasses. California has the highest fuel tax in the country. This fuel tax was approved by voters specifically to fix the roads and highways. However, we still have the worst roads in the country. This will be fixed and all the allocated funds will be spent responsibly, according to law.

Levees – We know many of our levees are weak, yet the only time maintenance is a concern is after a problem has materialized. This creates unnecessary expenses. We need a long-term plan to maintain our levees and protect the communities that are in danger. Billions of dollars can be saved through proper maintenance programs.

Dams – We all are familiar with the Oroville Dam spillway failure. What have they done to prevent another issues at other dams, or any of our dams? Why does the state wait for a problem to occur before they spend money properly? We need more natural dams in Southern California to provide adequate water for the citizens and for the farmers. Dams provide water and and nearly carbon-free electricity by natural sources. Overlooked by most administrations, I will make them my priority to ensure they are in good working order.

Secure Water Supply – Water is the life-blood of every community. As our population grows, the need for more water is constantly growing. We need to secure our dams, reservoirs, canals, and waterways. We can be environmentally responsible and improve our water supply systems at the same time.

Government Accountability

80% of California’s budget originates from personal income tax. Taxes from the hard-working people of this state. This money needs to be spent with care and according to the guidelines and laws already in place. This is not happening.

The legislature needs to be more open about the type of laws they are creating and make sure the citizens want those laws. There are too many laws designed for self-interests or special interests and not enough laws in the interest of Californians. When an initiative is on the ballot, the deceptive practices of mis-labeling the law needs to stop. We need a governor who will be more accountable and available to the people. Frequent press conferences will be available so that the citizens know their voices are heard.

Supporting Our Communities

Education -Our education system is one of the worst in the state. We need to raise the bar for our students and teachers, improve our curriculum and bring back vocational studies to our high schools. We need to reward teachers for their hard work and dedication to educating our children. Parent’s should not need to bring supplies to classrooms when we have billion-dollar education budgets.

Non-Profits – These type of community organizations are designed to help their communities through job training, emotional support, college scholarships, vocational training and much more. The government should partnership with these organizations to help bring strength to local communities.

Tax Reform for Families and Small Businesses

Reduce Taxes – 1st thing is spend every tax dollar according to law. Unnecessary taxes should be avoided at all costs. Our government should be able to support our state efficiently and responsibly with the current 202 billion dollar budget.

Support Small Business – The small business owners are the foundation of our economy. We need to encourage a strong economy and encourage the increase of jobs. We are the 5th largest economy in the world and our citizens should have great success.

Helping Those In Need

The homeless issue has been a problem for many years throughout the state. Governor Newsom is allowing his homeless problem, from the streets of San Francisco, to spread throughout the whole state.

Mental Health is the core of the homeless problem and the priority. Getting to the core of the problem will allow progress to be made and lead to great success and dignity for the homeless. The government needs to do a better job coordinating with community groups to provide complete services to the homeless guiding them to success.

We must stand united as a people of California for the continued respect and reverence of the constitution of the united states for which it stands.

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  • Posted November 25, 2020 12:22 am
    by Denice

    We need Mike Grover Colthorp for governor of California. He is a family man and has a business mind. His background in Law Enforcement prepares him to be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to unite California politically, socially, and economically. Californians will know that our best interests will always be 1st and foremost.

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