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Grover for Governor

Michael Grover Colthrap II didn’t want to become the next governor of California. The former police officer turned business owner and father of 5 wanted to continue life as normal, living out the American dream. It was recent events under which Grover found himself morally obligated once again to put on the badge and fight for you, but this time it wasn’t a metal shield, it was the American flag pin and all that it stands for. He is here to step up so that Newsome steps down and give our beautiful state back to the people, the real owners of it.

Political Program

We are committed to restoring honesty, integrity, and accountability to government.

Core Principals

The values of freedom, respect for human rights and the principle of holding elections.

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The Latest Fundraising Activity
The Latest Fundraising Activity

A closer look at what can be accomplished if we work together as a society.

The Latest Fundraising Activity

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Health Care & Your Business
Health Care & Your Business

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Health Care & Your Business

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Left–Right Political Spectrum
Left–Right Political Spectrum

The respect for human rights and the principle of holding genuine elections.

Left–Right Political Spectrum

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We are looking for motivated and committed volunteers to help at various levels. From petitioning and canvassing to assisting the campaign behind the scenes!

02 December, 2021

Education Association Conference

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The Latest News

How Politics Affects Our Lives

How can we get our country back on track? How to preserve our Constitution? All these core questions have been evolving in our minds for years.

Politics of the World Economy

We believe, that to bring our economic and social life to the new level, we must use non-standard and non-traditional means in our work.


What People Say About Me

“Grover is a kind, husband, father, brother, and small business owner who honored the oath while serving as a Law Enforcement Officer. Grover upholds the Constitution. Grover is NOT a politician. Grover wants to empower small business owners and enable the citizens of California to be able to support their dreams and families the way our Founding Fathers meant.”

Alice Dean

Campaign Planning

“Grover will uphold the Constitution. Grover is one of us. Grover is about Public Service, not Self service.”

Elizabeth Cervantes


“A man of conviction, integrity, who is for the people of California with the goal to restore our collective life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.”

Toni Staniewicz

PR Director
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